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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

...You saw this coming... farms moving to Mexico

More American farms, jobs and profits move south of the border because of lack of labor, you can bet Lou Dobbs, Michelle Malkin and the rest of the howling brigade on immigration will spin this blaming large farmers for taking jobs away from Americans. It is their rabble rousing rhetoric that is hurting America more....

Farming since he was a teenager, Mr. Scaroni, 50, built a $50 million business growing lettuce and broccoli in the fields of California, relying on the hands of immigrant workers, most of them Mexican and many probably in the United States illegally.

But early last year he began shifting part of his operation to rented fields here. Now some 500 Mexicans tend his crops in Mexico, where they run no risk of deportation.

“I’m as American red-blood as it gets,” Mr. Scaroni said, “but I’m tired of fighting the fight on the immigration issue.”

A sense of crisis prevails among American farmers who rely on immigrant laborers, more so since immigration legislation in the United States Senate failed in June and the authorities announced a crackdown on employers of illegal immigrants. An increasing number of farmers have been testing the alternative of raising crops across the border where there is a stable labor supply, growers and lawmakers in the United States and Mexico said.

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