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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Justice denied...

Influenced by the immigration rhetoric more idiots take matters into their own hands... only when it is a judge the consequences can be devastating..

Anna Calixto went to court Friday seeking an order of protection from her husband, Fernando Calixto. Instead, she was told to go back to her native country of Nicaragua by Blount County Circuit Court Judge W. Dale Young, according to witnesses.
Anna Calixto and witnesses said the judge asked Fernando Calixto — who came to the United States from Mexico — if he was in the United States legally. The judge told him if he wasn’t here legally, he had “no rights in court.”
The judge then asked the same question of Anna Calixto.
“When the judge asked if I was here legally,” Anna Calixto said, “I told him I have my temporary worker permit and I have the documentation showing it from the immigration service.
“The judge shrugged his shoulders like he didn’t care — then he told me to go back to Nicaragua.

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