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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Texas Senators Help Defeat The Grand Compromise Immigration Reform Bill

An interesting observation on the recent senate debate on the immigration compromise, both the senators from Texas were vehemently opposed to the bill. This in a state that has a significant population of voters who are Hispanic. Senator Cornyn offered amendments that would have effectively killed the bill

So why were Texas' senators two of the most ardent opponents of the sweeping bill? Why were neither among the "Gang of 12" who help stitch together the now-dead compromise?

Hutchison and Cornyn will list a disdain for the amnesty provisions in the bill, a need for greater border security and tougher restrictions on illegal immigrants. But also in the list is the reality of Texas politics.

Cornyn faces re-election in 2008 and Hutchison is considering a possible gubernatorial run in 2010. Each needs the votes of GOP conservatives who still run the state's Republican Party and turn out heavily in the March primaries.

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The Hispanic population in Texas, the ethnic group most affected by immigration reform, is 35.5% of the total population and 24.6% of eligible voters.
Me thinks the Latino vote in Texas is just not organized enough.

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